Outdoor Kitchen II Home Remodeling Project

Outdoor kitchens are great investments that add value to your home. They also give you an edge over your neighbor ‘Nancy’ to be able to host the neighborhood’s summer BBQ. But what makes an outdoor kitchen? What appliances do you really need and is there such thing as too much?

When designing your outdoor kitchen, you have to be honest with yourself about what would actually be used and how often. For some people, everything from a sink, to a dishwasher, and even a deep-fryer might be necessary. But, if you only cook outside once or twice a week and only host parties every month or two, you might not need that weather proof deep-fryer, no matter what Steve from the box store says.

In these outdoor kitchens, the owners decided to focus on quality over quantity and the results are spectacular.


This first kitchen is simple yet striking. They only have a Green Egg and a state of the art  grill, but for this family, that’s all they need to get their party started. And because they didn’t buy a million gadgets, they had room in their budget to pull out all the stops on the rest of the design. The support timbers are solid cedar and the flagstone was chosen for its character. The long counter is perfect for a buffet or snack table and they even splurged on an outdoor TV. And with Lake Lanier a few feet away, this kitchen is perfect for any gathering.


These second home owners knew exactly what they were about; Green Eggs, no ham. Though this might look more like a grill station, it was designed to work with the flow of the existing architecture and encourage entertainment. These custom counters were designed for optimum grilling. The cabinets below allow access to the lower parts of the Eggs as well as provide storage. The large counter space is perfect to be able to spread out ingredients, grilling utensils, and multiple grill masters.


Whether you call it a simple outdoor kitchen or an elaborate grill station, Art of Stone can design and build your dream cooking area around your life.



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