Stonework & Masonry Construction

Rock, Stone and Masonry Service

Our master stonemasons have made their marks on some of the finest landscapes throughout Northeast Georgia, earning Art of Stone Gardening a solid reputation for breathtaking stonescapes that seamlessly marry nature with built structures.

All good construction brings out the beauty of our rock and stone creations. Beneath the rustic, outer layers of these artistic creations there is evidence of our broader masonry construction skill sets. For example, the integrity of our stone and rock structures is the result of proper design, engineering and construction of footings and foundations. We also rely on excellent concrete finishing skills for many of our landscape projects, whether for simple driveways or as slab foundations for pavers.

When it comes to the stonework and masonry construction services that have helped set us apart from the crowd, Art of Stone Gardening sets a very high bar. We have the talent, we use only the highest quality products and we always build to—or above—local codes and industry standards to ensure every structure we build will last for many, many years. 

Landscaping with stone, rock and brick

Art of Stone works with a long list of reputable suppliers offering stone and rock in a huge array of colors, styles, shapes and sizes and prices. You can be confident we’ll help you find just the right one for your project.

Paths, walkways and steps. Flagstone and brick are popular choices depending on the style of the landscape. We specialize in navigating difficult terrain for easy walking. Placement of plants makes it looks like the hardscape elements have been there for a long time.

Patios and terraces. Large freestanding expanses or cozy nooks nestled in woodland gardens, these landscape elements invite lingering. Built-in stone benches make them comfortable. Material choices, from flagstone to slate to imported stone from India, are virtually unlimited.

Retaining walls, garden edging and borders. Functional, decorative—or both! Use for hillside garden tiers, property or driveway borders, raised garden beds and extra seating.

Outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Set your imagination ablaze with fire features that add to the fun, like built-in grills, fireplaces, fire pits and even pizza ovens.

Fountains and other water features. From waterfalls to water walls, ponds to pondless fountains and streams splashing down hills, these cool stonescapes will transform any outdoor space.

Architectural accents. Tie your home’s exterior—and interior—in with the outdoor landscape. Add stone or rock to porches, sheds, siding or feature walls.

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Stone Types

From gravity or retaining walls to paver stone paths, Art of Stone works with a wide variety of materials to suit your personal taste. Styles can range from contemporary modern, woodland settings, lakeside homes to country cottage or farmhouse charm. Along with traditional paving stone we also handle gravel and river rock projects.A sample of stone materials we work with are:
– Flagstone
– Fieldstone
– Exterior Stone
– Interior Stone
– Bluestone
– Crab Orchard
– Oklahoma
– River Rock
– Tennessee Flagstone/Fieldstone
– Manufactured Stone

Stone boulder with mailbox

At Art of Stone, we know hard work is what makes dreams a reality. This means getting our hands dirty and implementing the design we created together. No matter the size of your project, our team of skilled landscapers and construction workers is invested in a final product that is nothing short of breathtaking. Our team of experienced craftsmen can help you build the ideal outdoor living space. We work hard to keep our construction projects practical, making grading and drainage a priority each step of the way.

We Do More Than Stonework

We build from the ground up which includes:

– grading
– drainage and solving water problems
– complete landscaping services

We Meet or Exceed Industry Building Codes and Stay on Budget

We build to last, it is build to – if not better – than industry standards – the same applies with landscaping

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