Landscape Planning & Architectural Design

A Lifestyle and Property Assessment

We’ll begin your landscape project with an on-site design consultation. We’ll get to know you and your property. What kind of lifestyle do you enjoy now and how would you like to enhance it? What’s working for you, what would you like to change? How do see yourself using your outdoor space? How many guests might you have? Is your style casual or formal?

Together, we’ll assess your property, share ideas and talk about options for accomplishing your goals. Next, we’ll consider the hardscape aspects of the project. These non-living elements, like patios, walls, steps, fire pits, water features, bridges and even outdoor kitchens, will create structure and form in the landscape.

Then we’ll draw on our horticultural expertise to suggest plants that will thrive in your property’s micro-climate, and we’ll learn which of those you’d like to include, based on everything from colors and textures to maintenance considerations. Maybe you have ideas for a certain type of garden or a special use. Let’s talk about them! We’ve designed and planted all kinds of specialty gardens: all-native plants, perennials-only, cutting gardens, organic vegetable gardens, shade gardens…What do you have in mind?

While your property is bursting with opportunity, it may also have some challenges. Lack of sun, soggy areas, eroding slope, narrow planting area, no privacy…these kinds of issues may need to be addressed in order for you to make the most of your outdoor space. We’ve yet to meet a landscape challenge we couldn’t solve.

Creating an Architectural Landscape Design

Once we see how you want the space to look and feel, know how you want it to function and understand the space we have to work with, we’ll craft a custom design that balances all of these factors to create a beautiful, sustainable environment to support the outdoor lifestyle you’re imagining. Depending on the size and scale of your project, the design (or sections of it) may be depicted by a simple, photo-enhanced image or several hand- or CAD-scaled landscape plans to ensure everyone involved in the project shares the same vision before the first shovel hits the dirt.

Design and Garden Consultation

If you’re just interested in the design phase of your project for now, or if you plan to tackle the construction, installation and planting portions of your project yourself, ask about Art of Stone’s design and garden consultation services. We offer expert advice on hardscaping options, dealing with trouble spots in the yard, improving curb appeal, drainage solutions, amending your soil and countless other landscape issues.


Residential Outdoor Patio and Firepit Area

A Variety of Landscaping Challenges

Art of Stone specializes in solving unique landscaping challenges. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to handle the tough southern climate in Georgia. We succeed in all trouble spots.

Architectural design elevation drawing
  • Shade Gardens
  • Wet Areas
  • Full Sun Spots
  • Xeriscaping
  • Large or Small Privacy Screens and Living Walls
  • Hillside Gardening
  • Narrow Space Landscapes
Architectural design colored plan drawing