Garden & Landscape Installation

Of course, the stone projects are always installed before the plants, since rock beats paper every time. But even before the stone work gets underway, the landscape plan has been consulted to determine what needs to happen first in the ground. Grading, drainage solutions, irrigation systems, electrical cable, conduit or soil engineering needed on the project will happen before any construction or masonry work goes forward. Once all the basics are in the ground, we start laying out the stonescape elements.

Meanwhile, we’re always looking ahead to the final stage of your project—the living, organic part. We place great emphasis on preparing healthy planting beds, amending the soil when necessary to support the plants we’ve selected together to grow there. We take care to choose hearty, vigorous shrubs, trees and ornamental plants that were specified for the conditions in your particular space to complement the stone and rock elements. We do the planting ourselves and add a generous layer of mulch to retain moisture and deter weeds. Finally, we add any accents you’ve chosen, like statuary, garden art or container plants for the finishing touches.

Garden and hardscape installation
vibrant annual flower bed

Our Specialties

Whether starting from scratch or rejuvenating an existing landscape, our goal is to create a unique outdoor space designed specifically for you. To realize this goal, we offer a variety of special installation options.

  • Specialty Gardens
    • Native Gardens
    • Perennial or Cutting Gardens
    • Organic Vegetable Gardens
    • Sustainable Gardens
  • Specialty Hardscapes
    • Bridges
    • Artistic Masonry Designs
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Custom Water Features