Unique Stone Circular Fireplace Home Remodeling

We designed and built a stone fireplace for a client in Gainesville, GA who wanted a custom three foot diameter round shape fireplace opening inside her home. It is a vent-less gas fireplace with an unusual circle shape opening.

Because it is inside of a home and the wood framing needs to be protected from the high temperatures generated by fireplaces, we used an Isokern modular fireplace insert.

home living room circular shape gas fireplace

The picture above shows the round form and the fire brick that is used on top of the  Isokern insert. Once the fireplace is finished, the outside of the fireplace will be completely cool to the touch no matter how hot the fire is!

stone circle shape gas fireplace

Then we built custom benches and the upright corbels (mantle supports).

building stone circle shaped fireplace

Once the framing is done, we attach felt paper, wire lath and then a scratch coat.

Circular Stone Fireplace
The stone veneer was then attached and a space was left open for the mantle.

Circular Stone Fireplace

This picture shows the mantle. It weighs 800 pounds and is cut and chiselled from a single piece of stone. Jake is finishing the grouting work on the fireplace.

The end result was a gorgeous, fully custom stone fireplace which was designed exactly in line with the client’s vision. The round opening will be a unique focal point in the room for years to come.

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