Building a Stone Wine Closet Remodeling Project

When you hear about alcohol made in the mountains, wine probably isn’t the first beverage you think of. But many vineyards have found that the North Georgia Mountains are ideal for growing a wide variety of grapes. Dahlonega alone even has so many vineyards and wineries that it is considered the “Heart of Georgia Wine Country. So it was no surprise when local wine enthusiasts called Art of Stone to build a custom wine cellar.

When renovating their house in Sautee Nachooche, Karen and Chuck decided their wine collection needed a home upgrade too. Wine should be stored in a dark cool place where it won’t be moved often, or it can spoil. Underground cellars provide ideal conditions, so Karen and Chuck cleaned out the coat closet under their basement stairs.

After weighing their options, our wine enthusiasts decided on manufactured stone for their cellar.  Like with anything else, manufactured stone has its pros and cons. While it is lighter and easier for stone masons to install, this kind of stone is a dyed concrete product that can look unnatural. However, it is the best material if weight or cost are issues. Natural dry stack stone is more expensive to install and weights considerably more.

Building a stone wine closet

For the most part, masonry work usually occurs out of doors. Occasionally indoor fireplaces and accent walls will call our masons inside. But Jason had never worked anywhere as small as a closet. He’d never installed a stone ceiling either, let alone in a closet. Jorge, being much shorter, jumped right in without hesitation. Together, (or at least taking turns) Jason and Jorge expertly installed each stone despite the cramped space and the awkward angles.

Remodeling a closet for wine bottle storage with racks

Karen and Chuck were thrilled with how their wine cellar turned out. From the built-in wine fridge to the accent lighting, it was everything they had hoped for and more beautiful than they had dreamed.


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