Whats Happening Now, March

As spring draws ever closer, more and more flowers are starting to bloom. Including the beautiful Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata). It’s  deciduous, meaning it looses it’s leaves in the fall, and has bright white flowers that bloom in early spring.

With all the rain that we’ve been having, one of our clients was having difficulty with drainage. Her lot slopes down on three sides, so she’s used to drainage control and already has dry creek beds lacing the property. But between new housing developments being built up hill and all the rain of the last month, her yard has basically become a swamp.

To help, we added a new dry creek bed and built up the berms on either side of the old ones. The new creek bed runs in front of the customer’s she-shed, but instead of building a bridge, we went with a more minimal approach. Jorge laid these massive boulders to act as stepping stones. Each one has a concrete foundation so there is no chance that they could budge let alone wash away.

We also finished our first install of the year. A house that we’ve been working at was finally ready for planting. First, we added several inches of dirt for a better topsoil and to reduce the slope of the yard. A few shrubs were planted around the foundation of the house for emphasis with out taking away from the craftsmanship. The rest of the yard was seeded with grass.

What projects do you have lined up this spring? Need an extra pair of hands? Call Suzanne or Jason and we’d be glad to help!



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