Whats Happening Now, February

With February being the last full month of winter, things are starting to get busy here at Art of Stone. The last of the winter pruning will be finished in the next few weeks and the first flowers are starting to pop up. I’ve seen daffodils and crocuses starting to sprout but the lenten roses are in full bloom.

On the masonry side of things, Jason has been working on fixing up this old family home. First we added a retaining wall to help secure the ground around the back of the house. Once that was finished, we dug out all the dirt surrounding the posts for the back deck. Looking to extend their lifespan, we refilled the holes with gravel so that water would drain away from the posts quickly decreasing the chance of rot. Once that was finished we spread hay and grass seed and started on a gravel walkway beneath the porch.

We also added a stone-slab stair case that lead from the front of the house to the back. A necessity given that the hill was very steep. Jorge has laid thousands of these stone steps, and has the ease and efficiency of experience to prove it. He turned it into a lesson on leverage and teamwork, always willing to teach our younger crew members a few tricks.

Finally we added a parking pad. Lined with 6×6 timbers, we filled the pad with a mix of crush-run and 57 gravel to help it last. There’s still more to be done for this family home, and once Suzanne gets the plants in the ground it will look even better.

Need help with your next project? Contact Suzanne or Jason and we’d be thrilled to help.

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