What’s Happening Now

Welcome to the first What’s Happening Now post! These will replace our What’s Blooming Now posts, but don’t worry, we’ll still include a flower of the month. These posts will keep you up to date on our current projects, and hopefully inspire some of your own. Happy New Year from the Art of Stone team!

There isn’t much to do landscaping wise in January besides removing the last fall leaves from garden beds, so we’ve been focusing on our rock work. But the weather had other plans. We’ve had to keep one eye on the radar and plan our jobs accordingly. In between downpours, Jason and the guys have been working on a pool patio and a concrete driveway. 

The patio was made with a unique combination of Crab Orchard and Oklahoma stone. Once these stones are sealed, the variations in color will make this patio pop.

The driveway is a little less fun, but way more practical. It’ll give these homeowners better access to their lower garage and save them from having to have it re-graveled every few years. Jason also got to try out a new toy to help finish the concrete faster. 

Once that’s finished, all that’s left is to add some stairs from the new driveway down to the tractor path. These will be simple wooden steps set into the ground.

We’ve got a line up of several interesting projects scheduled for the next month. And we can’t wait to share them with you. In the mean time, want to add some variety to your garden?

With only violas and pansies left blooming, try planting some winter kale or cabbage to add  some texture and variety to your winter beds. And while these ornamental kale and cabbage are edible, they are often bitter because they are bred to be beautiful, not tasty.

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