What’s Blooming Now – May

We took a walk around the garden and want to share with you what is in bloom during May. This can help you plan your own landscape design with multi season interest in mind. You can have something in flower during every season!

spider lily

Spiderwort – An easy to grow native plant with pretty blue flowers. Spiderwort is a clump forming perennial which tolerant of a variety of conditions but prefers a little shade and moisture.



Carnation Dianthus – Worth growing for their fragrance! Dianthus likes sun and a light, well drained soil. They don’t like our heavy clay so plant them in a well established area. They also don’t care to be over watered. If you plant them in the right spot Dianthus is low maintenance and will thrive.



Columbine Aquilegia – An old fashioned perennial with a unique flower. Columbine is reliable if you plant it in the right place. It needs shade and moisture to thrive but once they settle in, this delicate beauty will be easy to care for and keep coming back. Native.



Daylily – The daylilies are beginning to flower and the repeat blooming varieties will be with us all summer. Daylilies are hardy garden plants which prefer sun and drought tolerant once established. They come in many colors including red, yellow, cream and orange.


red hot poker

Red Hot Poker Kniphofia – A showy perennial plant with multi colored flowers of red and yellow. Red Hot Poker will thrive in the right spot and bloom reliably in early summer. It does not like our heavy clay but prefers a loamy soil. Take care not to over water this one!




Oakleaf Hydrangea – One of our prettiest native shrubs, Oakleaf hydrangea produces large panicle blooms in early summer. The flowers will change to pink hues and then a papery tan. Fall foliage is gorgeous red, maroon and deep burgundy.



Gardenia – The gardenia bushes have begun to bloom and will flower in cycles all summer long. Gardenia comes in a variety of sizes and can be a hardy plant once established. Take care when choosing a variety, not all you see in nurseries can tolerate a cold winter. Be sure to plant gardenia near a window or outdoor seating area so you may enjoy their wonderful fragrance!

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