What’s Blooming Now June

My garden in Dahlonega is full of wonderful flowers this time of the year. One of my goals in creating this garden was to always have something to cut and bring inside. Fortunately, the previous owner planted a huge variety of perennials and I was able to add some new items as openings appeared. It looks a little like a jungle; the rain has helped everything including weeds grow. But, these are some of the current bloomers. All are drought tolerant (I do not have an irrigation system.) and many are NATIVES! and also deer resistant.

Asclepias tuberosa (Native, Deer Resistant Butterfly Weed)

Butterfly Weed does act a little like a weed, but makes a great cut flower! The orange contrasts wonderfully with purple phlox, lavender and bee balm. It is a native flower, deer resistant and very drought tolerant.

Teucrium chamaedrys (Deer Resistant, Fragrant Germander)

Germander is not a native, but, it makes a great hedge and a substitute for boxwoods. It is evergreen and has a small compact shape that is very easy to maintain. Plus, it is fragrant.

Phlox paniculata (Native, Deer Resistant Phlox)

This Phlox blooms it’s head off and it perfumes the garden and my home when I cut it. The little flowers do not last long, and they tend to shed, but the fragrance is intoxicating and masks all kinds of kitchen odors.

Monarda didyma (Red Native, Deer Resistant Bee Balm)

Bee Balm is a mint relative so it does spread, but aren’t the flowers wonderful?

Monarda didyma (Pink Native Deer Resistant Bee Balm)

This is the pink version, I love the color contrast with the teal pot!


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