What’s Blooming Now – July

There is something that really thrills me about going out to my garden and cutting flowers for my house. It is even more pleasurable to be able to give gifts of cut flowers to friends. So many bloomers this month, it is hard to decide which ones are the most beautiful! Here are some great cut flowers:

Leucanthemum × superbum (Shasta Daisy)
Long blooming Coreopsis – It started blooming in April and is still going strong
Native Echinecia – spreads throughout my garden which is always a good thing!
Rudbeckia never gives up
Blue Tradescantia – not the best cut flower, but the color is intense


As I mentioned in the Foodscaping blog (Eat my Garden!), adding herbs and veggies is really easy in any garden. This Basil makes a beautiful mounded annual that reseeds every year.

Spicy and Fragrant with Dark Purple Blooms. Reseeds every year.

Not everyone is as enamoured as I am by the flavor of Anise, but, if you are, this is a perennial to try. It blooms and comes back every year.

Tasty and Pretty Tarragon


Squash blossoms just beg to be photographed especially knowing what comes next – Sauteed Squash, Grilled Squash, and so many more options!

Waiting for Squash


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