What’s Blooming Now – April

It’s spring and the time when we all get excited about are gardens! Here at Art of Stone Gardening we took walk around the property to see what is in bloom during April. We want to share that with you to help you design your own landscape so you can plant to have something always in bloom. Remember we are in zone 7b, Georgia so it may be different in your area.


Candytuft – A small, herbaceous perennial which only grows to about 12″, candytuft is ideal for for perennial borders, edging, along garden walks, rock gardens or as a small area groundcover.


Chives – Chives are great for your herb garden and cooking, but the flower is pretty also. It will attract early pollinators to your yard so if you have fruits and vegetables, this is a plus!


Creeping Phlox – An often used groundcover for a sunny spot, Creeping Phlox comes in white, pink and light purple. It will die back and be somewhat dormant in the heat of the summer.


Wood Sorrel – There are many types of oxalis and some are good for perennial borders. Wood sorrel is a low growing, often clumping perennial which will rebloom later in the summer.


Azaleas – The belles of the south are in bloom in Georgia and lighting up our landscapes. This photo is of two old fashioned varieties, ‘George Tabor’ and ‘GG Gerbing’.


Fothergilla – Native Fothergilla has prolific, small white flowers with a bottle brush appearance. The blooms have a light honey fragrance and attract early pollinators. Fothergilla also has wonderful fall color.


Spirea – The spirea is just beginning tho flower. This is a tough plant for tough spots which can tolerate our hot Georgia sun and is drought tolerant.


‘Magic Carpet’ Spirea – We thought we’d mention this particular variety because ‘Magic Carpet’ Spirea is a lower growing cultivar with attractive red new foliage. The red shows up well against the chartreuse-yellow leaves.


‘Shasta’ Viburnum – A beautiful shrub with a pagoda like shape and showy, white blooms. ‘Shasta’ Viburnum will need a little water and afternoon shade in Georgia so be sure to plant it in a protected spot.


Pearlific Viburnum – A unique evergreen viburnum, Pearlific blooms early in the season with white flowers which start out a shell pink color. Handy for the back of a mixed border.


Pink Dogwood – A true southern classic, the dogwood trees are stealing the show right now. This native can be seen throughout our woodlands and landscapes.


White Dogwood – The native dogwoods are at their peak.

We hope this helps you to plan your own flowering schedule in your yard. Happy gardening!

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