Veggie Garden to Veggie Table

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of home gardens? Between the shift towards green living, food preppers, and the general concern of healthier living, more and more people are deciding to grow their own food. Having a home vegetable garden saves you money on grocery bills, teaches kids hands-on life lessons, and can give you a sense of accomplishment. I only grew tomatoes last year, but every time I presented my family with a home cooked meal featuring my tomatoes…. That was a good feeling.

So what’s stopping all of us from having our own gardens? Some cite lack of space, others have to answer to home owner’s associations, and some think it might be too expensive.

But there are tons of people who have turned apartment balconies into food gardens, and even a single tomato or strawberry plant can get you started and pay for itself in a season or two. Seeds are also an inexpensive way to start a garden. As for HOAs, maybe try starting small or in your back yard. Talk to your neighbors and share some produce. See if you can get anyone else on board.  If nothing else some plants, like these raspberries, can be both ornamental and productive if grown in the right spot.



But for the majority of us we don’t feel like we have the time. And if you’re like me, you’re so scared of failure you’d rather not try at all. But this is where you can reach out to Art of Stone. We can teach you how to care for a veggie garden most efficiently and help you set it up. We can brainstorm with you to decide on plants that are maintainable on your schedule and that you will actually enjoy. If you have questions or need the occasional help in your garden, we’re just a phone call away.

And did you know that there are flowers that can be planted with vegetables that will benefit both plants?  Talk about tasty and tasteful.

Or if you want fresh vegetables but not the garden, check out North Georgia Locally Grown. You can order what you want online and they will have your order ready to be picked up in Gainesville once a week.


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