The Art of Blending Stone and Fences – Masonry Landscaping

Incorporating stone into fencing is a perfect blend of elegance and durability, whether you opt for granite, limestone, marble, or any other type of stone. The following are some masonry and landscaping ideas to provide security and to enhance your landscape.

*Add stone columns to swimming pool fencing:

These first two photos show a pool fence where we incorporated stone columns. The columns are evenly spaced and topped with lighting so they can dress up the area. This makes it more interesting and also serves a function.

Pool fence built with connecting stone columns.
The lighting on top of the stone is both aesthetic and functional.

*Stone columns can be used at just the entrance of a space:

We wanted the entrance to this vegetable and herb garden to be spectacular – the gate was created by a Gainesville, GA sculptor – Jane Taylor.

The fence was installed after we put in the stone entrance. Our client requested fencing because this space is frequented by deer.

Art of Stone Gardening North Georgia Dahlonega Cleveland Helen Gainesville Masonry Landscaping
Fencing was installed later because the garden space was attracting deer.
Masonry and landscaping design in North Georgia Dahlonega Cleveland Gainesville Helen GA
These stone columns are only at the entrance of this vegetable and herb garden.

*Fences can be added around randomly sized boulders and column combinations for beautiful masonry and landscaping designs:

This pool surround was designed on a napkin. We created it from our client’s sketch.  He worked with us to build just the look he wanted. Functional and beautiful.

This farm is actually located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Fun Fact: We used local Hokie Stone, also known as Dolomite, from a dismantled ice house.

Beautiful stone fences pavers stone with metal fences north georgia
Fence was placed behind the stone wall surrounding a swimming pool.
Masonry and landscaping design in North Georgia Dahlonega Cleveland Gainesville Helen GA
Butterfly bushes and Russian Sage outside the fence.
Masonry and landscaping design in North Georgia Dahlonega Cleveland Gainesville Helen GA
Entire wall and fence combination.

These photos represent just a few of the reasons people are choosing to use stone columns in their fencing. Some other things to note:

  1. Extremely durable – stone can last 100 years or more
  2. Stable – holds up against wind, moisture, fire, and even bugs & insects
  3. Easy maintenance – no need for painting or staining
  4. Provides more privacy
  5. Offers many varieties of textures and colors
  6. They are like a piece of art for your landscape

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