Enjoy Summer with a Swimming Pool

Summers in Georgia are no joke. Even up towards the mountains, the humidity can make it feel like it’s a hundred something degrees. Backyard pools are the perfect place to spend the summer. Invite friends, family, and neighbors for a day of fun. Or maybe just invite yourself and that book that’s lived on your night stand for two years.

Either way, the ideal pool exists as a relaxing retreat for adults and a safe playground for kids. You’d never guess by looking at it now, but this pool started off as neither. Without any seating or shade, the only thing this pool invited was sunburn.


The goal for this back yard re-do was to create a modern pool area that was fun, functional, and fabulous. The original landscape was…… but with a few improvements this drab space turned into a summer oasis.


Art of Stone Gardening Swimming Pool Patio

The first thing that was necessary was to remove the diving board and extend the patio area back. This creates enough room for the pergola and the new seating area. The concrete is also old and not very aesthetically pleasing so the home owners wanted that changed too.


Art of Stone Gardening Swimming Pool Patio

The landscaping also needed help. While the plant beds might have looked nice once upon a summer, they cut the pool off from the rest of the yard, making the space seem smaller. It also reduced the amount of play area that existed around the pool. But if you bring the grass all the way up to the concrete, kids can jump out of the pool to run and play with out trampling thru flower beds or being restricted to hot and unforgiving concrete. The landscape flows and functions.


Next, textured concrete was added to bring the pool into the 21st century. The brown tint in the new cement makes the blue water even more startling, and best of all no more glaringly white concrete to blind unsuspecting swimmers. The pavers create a visual separation between the pool area and the lounging area.


The pergola is the gem of this back yard make over. Carolina Jessamine creeps up each of the outer posts and will eventually help shade the lounge area. Carolina Jessamine was chosen because it has yellow flowers, is deer resistant, evergreen, and native to North Georgia. It’s a versatile plant that likes sun or shade and is very drought resistant.


The pool and pergola now tie into the landscape, creating a seamless space for the homeowners to enjoy.

We Can Help

If you are in north Georgia and need help with a patio swimming pool, Art of Stone Gardening can help. Please contact us at: Art of Stone Gardening.

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