Home Remodeling: Exterior Stone Veneer

Veneers are a beautiful way to emphasize a particular area of a house as well as add character and dimension, not to mention adding value to the home. And while this is a relatively simple project that Pinterest might claim is DIY, the benefits of having a professional mason add veneer to your home will usually outweigh the cost of doing this remodeling job yourself.


Safety is a major point to consider, especially on a project like this with most of the work high off the ground. Adding a stone veneer is a two person job as you need to have mortar and a stone supply within reach. Balancing all of that while on a ladder is never recommended, even for professionals. Scaffolding offers a stable work area large enough for supplies at what ever height is needed. Our masons have years of experience with scaffolding and the safety measures that are required.

The second reason to consider professionals is to prevent moisture build up and to add insulation value. If not sealed properly, moisture can seep behind the veneer and cause problems down the line. The mortar can expand and crack, causing stones to loosen or fall out completely. Mold is a very common issue with improperly installed veneer. In extreme cases, moisture can seep all the way to the insulation layer inside the house and really cause some damage. However if it is sealed properly, moisture will be kept out and the veneer can act as an extra layer of insulation.

Finally, how valuable is your time? Experienced masons can knock a project like this out in days with a scaffold. How long would it take one or two DIYers with a ladder? Would those days or weeks of work be consecutive or broken up into weekends? Where would you store your supplies in the mean time? Would they clutter your drive way or your garage until the project was finished?  Be honest with yourself when answering these questions. Your time, space, and safety are valuable.



Custom Home Exterior Stone Veneer Design

In conclusion, stone veneer is fantastic but without pros it can fall apart or create bigger issues later. If you are a resident of North Georgia and would like to discuss your best options for home exterior stone veneer, please contact us at Art of Stone Gardening.

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