Stone Steps and Golf Cart Path

Life on Lake Lanier is ideal in more ways than one. However for many homeowners, getting down to the lake is less so. Steep lots and mountain side homes don’t always provide a naturally safe path to the water. Many homes are also quite a ways from the lake. For one family who had just moved to the shore of Lake Lanier, they were excited to use their golf cart to traverse the steep path down to the lake. Unfortunately, once they moved in, they found several wrinkles in their plan.

Even though the existing pathway was paved, it wasn’t anywhere near wide enough for a golf cart. Also, it only ran from the Corps line to the basement door. There was no path for the golf cart to take up to the front of the house or the garage. And because of the shape of the lot and the placement of their septic tank, there was no place to build a new path way.


After walking the property, Suzanne found that the only place to put a path connecting the front of the house to the back would be where steps from the back porch already existed. However the slope was too steep for people to walk down safely with out stairs. Inspired by a recent trip to Portugal, she had the perfect solution.

Suzanne designed a narrow stair case at the center of a golf cart path, allowing both carts and people to traverse the hill safely. The stone Jason picked out is a mixture of Crab Orchard and Oklahoma rubble stone, both of which have vivid colors and are very durable.

Once the steps were complete, Jason and the masons widened the existing path so that the golf cart wouldn’t fall into the lake. They also replaced part of the original path that had cracked and added on to the existing rock wall next to the path. Jason was able to find stones that matched the existing wall exactly, so the additional inches look as if they have always been there.


In the North Georgia Mountains, the difficult terrain and awkward plot sizes often require builders and landscapers to be creative in their designs. However, Art of Stone has the experience and creativity needed to overcome hilly terrain. From gardens to multipurpose paths on steep hills, we have the solution for mountain outdoor living.

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