Stone Mailboxes for Curb Appeal and Anti Vandalism

Architectural mailboxes are mailboxes that are enclosed inside a structure, most often a masonry structure. But are there any benefits to having one or is this a passing trend?


First of all, stone mailboxes are gorgeous. Unlike a boring post that you can buy at a hardware store, they can be built to match any aesthetic or architecture. Brick, flagstone, man-made or natural stone, the options are just about limitless. And like in the picture above, a matching stone border can turn your mailbox into the center piece of a small garden.


But aesthetics aren’t everything. When it comes to mailboxes, durability is the name of the game. At Art of Stone believes that any structure we build should be built to last. The footers, or foundation, of the mailbox are what keeps it upright. And Jason never skimps on the footers. He digs them deeper, thicker, and wider than strictly necessary.  You’ll never see an Art of Stone mailbox leaning because of wet clay or eaten up by termites. Can you say the same about a wooden post?

Security is also a factor to consider. In a time where identity theft runs rampant online, most don’t think of other ways their ID can be stolen. Such as from an important document that just came in the mail. A lock on your mailbox is a huge deterrent for would be thieves. Unless they use a baseball bat. And though stone mailboxes aren’t impregnable, thieves prefer soft targets. And a stone mailbox is anything but soft.


All in all, stone mailboxes are safe, sturdy, and stylish. Call Art of Stone today for your custom stone mailbox.

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