Stepping Stones with Ajuga

Flagstone pathways are simple, elegant, and easy to customize. Their natural look and classic style make them very popular, especially in gardens. However, unlike with solid pathways, weeds can easily grow between the flagstones. Gravel, mulch, and other inert materials are often used to fill the gaps, but weeds can still take root.

Another option is to plant a ground cover to choke out weeds.


Here Suzanne used a chocolate chip ajuga plant. It spreads quickly and is very dense, not giving weeds a chance to grow. Most of the time it stays low to the ground, however in the spring it’s bright blue flowers stand tall above the flag stones.


However, with the ajuga highlighting the flag stones, the rest of the garden needed a little more color as well. And by a little, I mean a literal truckload. Below, you can see Jorge planting phlox, another durable yet easy to maintain ground cover. This particular phlox is the creeping Blue Phlox.


Overtime, the phlox will drape beautifully over the stone wall and the ajuga will take over every nook and cranny of the walk way. The resulting garden will burst with blooms in the spring and choke out weeds year round.



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