Hydrangeas for Shade – Landscape Ideas

These days when you go to the plant nursery you can find hydrangeas for either sun or shade. Their blooming times are different and in the beginning of June the shade hydrangeas are kicking into gear and beginning to look spectacular. Flowering on most sun loving hydrangea types will be in a few weeks so you can extend your blooming season by planting both sun and shade types. If you have a shady area in your landscape, hydrangeas can offer and easy care flowering shrub to add color and texture. Here are a few varieties which require shade:


Cityline Bigleaf – For small space gardens Proven Winners plants has come out with a Cityline series which includes dwarf varieties. They can grow as low as 2′-3′. Shown with ‘blue Angel hosta.


oakleaf hydrangea
Oakleaf– Our native Oakleaf hydrangeas are naturally understory plants so they can happily thrive in a shade garden. Oakleaf will also tolerate sun but prefers a little real in the afternoon.


Picotee – The blooms feature a white picotee coloring along the edge of the florets which makes these pretty hydrangeas unique. The round, ball shaped flowers are quite showy and will stand out in a shade garden.


Let’s Dance Diva Lacecap – This lacecap hydrangea is different because the blooms are typically a light pink. Their coloring is consistent and should not turn to blue. The flowers are large and showy, you won’t be disappointed with this beautiful shrub.


Penny Mac Bigleaf – These are the classic hydrangeas with the huge, ball shaped flowers. hey can be pink or blue depending upon your soil pH. Here in Georgia our acid soil causes them to bloom blue. A more alkaline soil will change them to pink.


Old Fashioned Mopheads – Penny Mac Bigleaf changing to blue.


Twist & Shout Lacecap – Another beautiful lacecap hydrangea with big, showy flowers. Twist & Shout can bloom blue or pink according to your soil pH and the color is typically rich. If planted in healthy soil Twist & Shout produces vibrant tones to brighten up a shady spot in your landscape design.

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