Reblooming Daylilies for Vibrant Summer Color

Daylilies are a classic plant for southern gardens. Not only do they produce large, spectacular flowers, they can withstand our heat and tolerate periods of drought. Previously a daylily would bloom for a short period in early to mid summer, then leave behind declining foliage. Later the Stella D’oro daylily was introduced which gave gardener’s a repeat blooming flower.
There are many varieties of reblooming daylilies on the market but here are a few samples of the new colors you can find:

Pandora's Box
‘Pandora’s Box’ is creamy yellow with a purplish maroon throat. This combination looks good when placed among darker leaved shrubs such as Loropetalum.

Lacy Doily
Salmon pink is another color choice. ‘Lacy Doily’ has a bright yellow center and ruffled, double petal form.

Janice Brown
Pink always pairs well with purple perennials such as salvia. The darker pink throat sets off the yellow stamens and provides a bright spot in a summer border.

Strawberry Candy
A lovely, vibrant flower in a salmon pink shade. The throat has a deeper pink tone which looks great when planted with yellow flowers.

Daring Deception
‘Daring Deception’ is a medium pink with a purple maroon throat. The petal edges are ruffed and give the bloom an old fashioned, cottage garden look.

‘Entrapment’ has beautiful lavender pink with a bright center. Plant with yellows and white perennials for ‘pop’ in a flower bed.

Diva's Choice
If you prefer reds, reblooming daylilies come in that shade as well. Red is wonderful when combined with purple, yellow or white companion plants.

Moses Fire

‘Moses Fire’ is a repeat bloomer in bright orange red with a spectacular double petal form. The undersides of the flowers have a yellow tone which is sure to liven up any landscape.

Fooled Me

Yellow repeat blooming daylilies have also improved. ‘Fooled Me’ has an orange throat and is perfect for planting with red or purple flowers.


There are also the classic yellow shades. ‘Bakabana’ is a strong grower in a deep, golden yellow.

Photos courtesy of Kinsey Family Farm Nursery.

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