Revamp your Garden with Raised Beds

Revamp Your Garden with Raised Beds

Let’s talk about the age-old problem: weeds. They’re a pain, especially when you’re trying to grow veggies and herbs. But fear not! We’ve got a trick up our sleeves that not only helps with weed control but also makes gardening a whole lot easier: raised beds.

1. Why Go for Raised Beds?

Raised beds are like the superheroes of gardening. They’re super easy to reach, which means you can sit on the edge and pluck out weeds or plant stuff without breaking your back. Plus, you can customize the height, making them perfect for anyone, even if you have trouble bending down.

Not only that, but raised beds also act as bodyguards for your plants, keeping them safe from pesky weeds that try to invade from other parts of your garden.

2. Types and Materials for Raised Beds

Now, let’s talk materials. You’ve got options galore:

  • Pressure Treated Wood: It’s used a lot, but may not be the best choice – it might have some chemicals you don’t want near your plants.
  • Cedar: It’s tough and lasts longer than regular wood, but it does eventually rot, and it’s a bit pricey.
  • Metal: It’s getting popular, but it can rust, and not everyone digs the industrial look.
  • Stone: Classic and timeless. Stone beds look great and last forever.
Landscaping design Dahlonega Cleveland Helen Georgia
We took the above photo while visiting Tybee – Metal rusts and is not for everyone.

At a botanical garden – metal with deer fencing. You can see how metal rusts here. Some people like it, some don’t.

metal raised beds in landscape design in Dahlonega GA

Below is a simple bed I created at my house to contain herbs. This just has a row of boulders on the outside edge but adds a beautiful touch of natural stone to my garden.

herb garden with raised beds using natural stone

Another simple bed made with stones below:

boulders to make raised beds

More stone beds that we built:

natural stone raised beds

To keep those sneaky weeds out and add a bit of flair, we scattered gravel between the beds. It’s a win-win: no more weeds, and your garden looks sharp.

The photos below show a project that we did for a client. We built tall stone raised beds for their veggie garden that is directly outside of their kitchen.

stone work to create garden beds

Below are a couple of other projects we have done at Art of Stone Gardening.

Ready to Up Your Gardening Game?

Whether you’re into the rugged charm of stone or the modern vibe of metal, raised beds are the way to go. Say goodbye to weed wars and hello to a garden that’s bursting with life.

At Art of Stone Gardening, we’re all about making your garden dreams come true. Get in touch today to explore our range of raised bed options and take your gardening to the next level! Want more inspiration? Check out HGTV’s page for ideas.

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