Outdoor Fireplace And Pizza Oven

The Perfect Party Patio

This stunning outdoor fireplace and patio were built so the home owners and their friends could thoroughly enjoy the North Georgia mountains. With lots of seating and a pizza oven built into the fireplace, this patio has everything it needs to bring family and friends together

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Are you considering adding some beautiful touches to your landscaping and outdoor spaces?

Building a custom stone fireplace on your patio or in your backyard can serve various purposes and offer several benefits. 

  1. Ambiance and Aesthetics: An outdoor stone fireplace adds charm and ambiance to outdoor spaces. It can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making your outdoor area more enjoyable for socializing or relaxation.

  2. Entertainment: Outdoor fireplaces provide a focal point for gatherings and entertainment. They can serve as a natural gathering spot for friends and family, whether it’s for storytelling, roasting marshmallows, or enjoying a warm fire during cooler evenings.

  3. Extended Outdoor Living: With an outdoor fireplace, you can extend the use of your outdoor spaces beyond warm seasons. It provides warmth during chilly evenings, allowing you to spend more time outdoors.

  4. Cooking and Grilling: Some outdoor fireplaces are designed with cooking features like grills or pizza ovens – like the one shown above. This adds functionality to your space, allowing for outdoor cooking and enhancing your overall outdoor dining experience.

  5. Property Value: A well-designed outdoor fireplace can enhance the value of your property. It adds to the overall appeal and functionality of your outdoor living spaces, making your property more attractive to potential buyers.

  6. Landscaping Enhancement: Custom outdoor stone fireplaces can be integrated into landscaping designs to complement the overall aesthetics of a property. They can serve as decorative elements that enhance the overall visual appeal of the outdoor your area.

  7. Therapeutic Benefits: The warmth and glow of a fire can have a calming effect, providing a therapeutic and relaxing environment. This is ideal for unwinding and relieving stress after a long day. 

  8. Customization: Building a custom outdoor stone fireplace allows for customization based on your personal preferences and design choices. Whether it’s a rustic stone fireplace or a modern, sleek design, you can tailor the fireplace to match your style.

Are you considering adding a beautiful feature like this to your outdoor space? We can help. Contact Art of Stone Gardening for all of your landscaping, masonry and custom stonework needs! We serve Dahlonega, Cleveland, Helen, Gainesville, Blue Ridge, Lake Lanier, Clarkesville, Dawsonville, Hiawassee and surrounding areas in North Georgia. Want more design inspiration? Check out HGVT’s article here.