Patio Design For A Steep Lake Lanier Lot

Crab Orchard Patio Design

This patio was built on a steep hill overlooking Lake Lanier, using two retaining walls to create the flat area. The Crab Orchard stones are beautifully marbled and give the patio some pizzazz.

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Crafting Elegance: A Guide to Designing Your Custom Stone Patio

Transforming your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility and beauty often starts with thoughtful design choices. Among the various options available, a custom stone patio stands out as a timeless and elegant solution. We can help guide you through your custom patio design which will unlock the potential to turn your outdoor area into a captivating retreat.

  1. Define Your Vision: The first step in creating a custom stone patio is to envision the end result. Consider the purpose of your patio – will it be a cozy corner for intimate gatherings, an extension of your living space, or a focal point for outdoor entertainment? Define your vision, as it will guide your choices throughout the design process.

  2. Choose the Right Stone: Selecting the perfect stone is crucial in bringing your vision to life. Each type of stone brings its own unique characteristics. Limestone exudes warmth, slate offers a sleek and modern feel, while travertine exudes a timeless elegance. As you can see in the photos above, stone choice really brings creativity to your project. Crab Orchard stones brought unparalleled beauty to this patio with their distinctive blend of warm earth tones, natural textures, and timeless elegance, transforming this outdoor space into a captivating haven of visual appeal. We can help recommend different stones depending on your vision.

  3. Plan the Layout: The layout of your custom stone patio plays a pivotal role in its overall design. We can help you experiment with different patterns and arrangements to find the one that complements your vision. We help to plan your layout to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape for your patio design. 

  4. Consider Accents and Borders: Elevate the design of your custom stone patio by incorporating accents and borders. Introduce contrasting stones to create eye-catching borders or add a mosaic centerpiece for a touch of artistic flair. These details contribute to the uniqueness of your patio, making it a personalized and visually striking outdoor space.

Designing a custom stone patio is a rewarding journey that allows you to shape an outdoor oasis tailored to your preferences. With careful consideration of vision, stone selection, layout, and maintenance, your custom stone patio will become a captivating focal point, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of your surroundings. Embrace the craftsmanship and elegance of a custom stone patio, and create an outdoor space that reflects your unique style. And finally, let us do the rest! As you can see from the photos above – this patio was built on a steep slope and therefore required expertise in landscaping and masonry work. Contact Art of Stone Gardening for all of your landscaping and custom stone masonry needs. We serve Dahlonega, Cleveland, Helen, Gainesville, Dawsonville, Clarkesville, Lake Lanier, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee and surrounding areas in Northern Georgia. You can also check us out on Houzz here.