Iron and Stone Swimming Pool Wall

Custom Iron and Stone Wall

This client had an ordinary wood fence around this farm house pool and wanted something different. The design he created incorporates stone and iron as a wall/fence. The stone was quarried from a neighbor’s old ice house. In keeping with this hilly location, the fence stepped up and down mimicking the rolling Shenandoah Valley.

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Transform your pool area with a retaining wall—enhance aesthetics, level terrain, and ensure structural integrity.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your pool’s beauty with a custom stone wall using materials that seamlessly complement its design.

  2. Leveling Functionality: Eliminate awkward slopes, create a polished appearance, and make your poolside space more accessible and organized.

  3. Erosion Protection: Safeguard your pool from soil erosion, ensuring longevity and stability for years of enjoyment.

  4. Safety Assurance: Boost structural integrity and safety by preventing soil movement and potential landslides around the pool.

  5. Design Opportunities: Unleash creativity with multi-level terraces, built-in seating, and cascading water features in your retaining wall design.

  6. Landscaping Harmony: Use retaining walls as a versatile platform for landscaping, incorporating planters to soften the hardscape with greenery.

Art of Stone Gardening has built many custom stone retaining walls. We work with you to create a beautiful and unique feature to add to your space. Contact us for more information. You can also check us out on Houzz here.