Poolside Pavers Alongside a Swimming Pool

When deciding what paving material to use for your new patio or driveway overhaul, there are several options. Concrete is the most basic choice, every one has it, and it’s relatively cheap to install. For an elegant look with more pizzazz, stone is a great option but will cost a very pretty penny. In the middle of the road, cost wise, pavers could be the best of both worlds

Cement pavers are often less expensive than stone but much more decorative than plain concrete. They add a splash of color and interesting texture to any landscape. Designers are also coming out with new colors and patterns every year, creating a huge selection to choose from.

There are also two kinds of pavers, permeable and impermeable. Impermeable pavers will shed water like a solid surface, where as permeable pavers allow water to seep into the ground through the joints. Which pavers you choose depend on your drainage needs. If the pavers are above a retaining wall or other structure in the ground, impermeable pavers are the best choice. The water will roll off the pavers instead of soaking into the ground and adding water weight to the soil that can damage your structure. However, if you are looking to control runoff, permeable pavers might be your best choice.

Maintaining pavers is also simple. They don’t crack like concrete, because when the ground shifts the pavers are flexible enough to shift with it. And even if a paver chips, that single piece can be replaced without tearing up the entire patio or drive. Like with any concrete, sealer increases the pavers’ lifespan as will adding a little more polymeric sand to the joints once or twice a decade. But overall, pavers are incredibly durable and long lived.


So if concrete is too lifeless but a solid stone surface is just a bit out of budget, consider pavers as your all around best alternative.

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