Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Nothing is cozier than sitting by a fire on a clear winter night; the crackle of the flames, hot coco, snuggled up under blankets with people you love. However, an open, wood burning fireplace on a wood deck takes preparation and maintenance. The homeowners, Vicki and Joe decided on an outdoor gas fireplace instead.


Before starting, Jason ensured that the deck was sufficiently strong to withstand the weight of the fireplace. Then, we built a wooden frame and installed a stainless steel casing for the fireplace. Before the plywood inner layer was finished, the gas line was added and the control panel was wired in. The fireplace will be free standing, meaning it won’t be attached to the deck, making repairs or renovations easier.


Once the fireplace is mounted inside the frame, it’s time to prepare for stone. First a layer of scratch cement is added. Below, you can see the grooves our masons pressed into the cement when it was wet. These grooves give the mortar something to hold onto, creating a more secure bond with the stone.


Below is the back of the fire place and you can see the beautiful texture and pattern of the stone. The purples and grays contrast the red bricks, making the fire place pop even more. This style of stonework is called rubble with mortar joints.


The home owners were wonderful and sent a glowing review that was just too sweet not to share. They said, “Art of Stone is the best! We have never had a better experience! Working with Jason was such a pleasure. He was very knowledgeable and such a professional! Our fireplace is beautiful.”

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces for clients like Vicki and Joe makes our job worth while.

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