Moving Together

We really enjoy our clients and Gretchen and Roy are no exception. A few years ago they asked us to help them with their garden and patio in Dawsonville, Georgia. Jason and I worked with them to design a patio that harmonized with their lifestyle and tastes. Eclectic and fun!

Last year, they told us that they had moved to a new home near the Nantahala river and were hoping we would travel. We answered with a very strong ‘Yes’! Our first new project together was supporting a hillside that is directly behind their house while also giving them some access to this part of their yard.

Jorge, Jonathan and Jason made the trek up to this lovely home site. This is a before picture.

Jorge, our awesome stone mason, is very proud of his work..

Jonathan makes sure it is excavated perfectly.

We will travel, but the views have to be spectacular. (Not really, but it does make the work much more pleasant.)

The finished wall and steps.

What is the next project? Gretchen and Roy found this tiger cage and want us to design a patio that incorporates it. Sounds like a fun challenge. We can’t wait!

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