Mail Box Driveouts

Having a mailbox that’s located a foot or more from the road isn’t mandatory, but it’s often a good idea. Homeowners are able to safely access their mail either in their car or on foot with out fear of being hit by oncoming traffic. It also helps deter would be vandals from “accidentally” hitting your mailbox with a baseball bat while driving by. But when was the last time you looked at the ground in front of your mail box? Is it gravel? Or dirt? Maybe weeds? Can you see where your mailman has driven off the road to be able to reach your mail box? How deep are the grooves from the tires? Are they this bad? If so, it may be time to add a pull off to your mailbox.

Pull offs can be made of plain concrete, brick, or stone, what ever matches your house or mailbox. These homeowners chose pavers for their pull off to complement their Victorian style mailbox. And because they live on a well traveled road, the pull off is wide enough that they can pull up to their mailbox in their car without getting side swiped.

These homeowners decided to remodel their mailbox to match the stone on their home. This house is located off a very quiet road so the pull off isn’t quite as wide, but other cars are still able to pass safely. The flagstones used here are called Crab Orchard and their spectacular colors and patterns really make this pull off pop!

By having a hardscaped mailbox pull off, you’re not only protecting your mail box and vehicle, but also making your mailman’s job easier.

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