Houzz Award Hits Home

The scouts have nothin’ on us.

Anyone who was ever a girl scout or boy scout knows the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with earning a merit badge. We get it!

This award means we were rated at the highest level of client satisfaction possible by Houzz…and we got a badge!  It’s not our first.

You can see our new badge—and other houzz badges we’ve earned—on our houzz profile


How Houzz connects Northeast Georgia homeowners with ideas and local landscape design pros for the best projects

Are you familiar with Houzz? is a website and online community of (mostly) homeowners and professionals that has become THE starting point for many people who are considering home projects, from landscape design to interior decorating to architecture to renovation.

Art of Stone Gardening and some 2.5 million other design and building professionals around the globe place photos of our best work on the site and are listed in houzz’s professional directory. Whether just dreaming about their projects or ready to start on them tomorrow, visitors to the site—and there are about 25 million unique visitors every month, according to business statistics gatherer DMR—browse through the pictures to get ideas and then get information that helps them choose the right local professionals for their projects.

It’s more than useful when you’re planning a project…houzz is really fun!  

There’s no charge to use houzz to get inspiration and plan your projects. Once you register, you can create ideabooks to save photos of spaces you really like, make notes about what you see, share favorites with friends and family to get their feedback and collaborate with professionals to ask questions about what you see or ask about other aspects of their work.

Let’s say you’re dreaming about a quiet, shady garden cut into the steep slope on the side of your home, with a trickling fountain and a stone bench. No matter how you try to describe what you’re imagining to your family and friends, you can tell from the yawns and “um hmms” that you’re just not getting your ideas across.

Using houzz, you can collect pictures that help you better sharpen your ideas about what you want AND help you show others exactly what you have in mind. It’s just like when you used to tear out magazine pages of wedding dresses, craft projects or vacation destinations (You know you did!), only now you have literally millions of photos to see and a much better way to organize and share the ones you want to keep.

So, back to your hypothetical project. You have some questions about how your ideas might work in the space you have. On your houzz account, you can search “Find professionals,” enter “hillside gardens” along with your location and you’ll receive listings of dozens of companies who say they do hillside gardens in your area. With that information at your fingertips, you can drill down into the different pros in your area, learn what they specialize in, and see whose styles suit you best.

For example, when Art of Stone comes up in your search of “hillside gardens,” you can immediately check out our houzz profile and see:

  • Our background
  • Our areas of expertise and specialties
  • Tons of pictures of projects we’ve done in your area
  • Verified reviews from satisfied customers
  • Our awards (and houzz badges!), qualifications and certifications

You can also contact me right then with a simple click or call me at the phone number conveniently listed at the top of the profile page. There’s a link to our website for more local project photos on our portfolio, more details about our services and information about our local affiliations and community memberships.

If you’d like to talk about your project ideas with us or ask questions, it’s easy to share your ideabook so you can be sure you’re expressing yourself clearly and we’re understanding what you mean.

Sure, we think we’re the best, but the Best of houzz Service Award measures something more important:  our customers’ opinions about us and our work.

As you can imagine, we think pretty highly of our company. We’re proud of our qualifications, the professional level of service we provide and the superior results of our work. But at the end of the day, we know what really counts most is our customers’ opinions.

The houzz community agrees. That’s why the Best of houzz service award is based on what professionals’ customers think and are willing to write in reviews.

Getting the number of qualified reviews isn’t easy. In fact, only 3% of the 2.5 million home and landscape design, building and photography professionals on Houzz receive Best of Houzz Awards each year. Among other criteria, the awards are based on the number of clients who not only were highly satisfied with their projects (gave them 5 stars!) but who also took the time and trouble to respond to requests for reviews, create houzz accounts and write thoughtful reviews.

While we’re very proud to have received our second Best of houzz Service Award this year, I really want to express our sincere appreciation to the clients whose projects we completed in 2019 who helped make this distinction possible. May you enjoy your outdoor living spaces with the special people in your lives for many years to come.


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