House Front Remodel from Brick to Stone

Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options when it comes to the exterior of your home. Its durable, easy to clean, but its very dull looking. While ideal for pinching pennies, vinyl siding makes for a very forgettable house.

One solution is to have an accent panel, or a singular area of siding made of a different material to accent the rest of the house. This house originally had a brick accent panel, but over time the bricks faded and became discolored. Also the brick on vinyl combination has really fallen out of style, especially brick on grey vinyl. So the homeowners decided it was time for an upgrade to stone.

House Front Remodel

Instead of removing the brick, the stone work is installed over the existing siding. The brick might be discolored, but it’s still providing a great deal of insulation. First the brick is covered with a special material made to reduce moisture build up and help the new stones adhere to the old siding. Once that’s finished, our stone masons can get to work.


House Front Remodel

Scaffolding is the safest way for our masons to work up high. It gives them a flat area to work on and is much less precarious than a ladder. However the scaffolding must be set up properly and our masons have to follow very specific safety rules. Lugging stone and the rest of the building materials ten or fifteen feet in the air is very dangerous and should be done by professionals.

The stones that the home owners chose perfectly complements the rest of their home. The soft grey and warm browns along with the uneven depth of the stones creates a beautiful, modern texture. The finished result is a unique home that stands out.


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