Beautiful Hillside Patio – Home Improvement

Lake Lanier is one of the crown jewels of North Georgia. Built in the 1950’s by the Army Corp of Engineers, this lake has a long thrilling history with everything from ghost stories to state vs. state water wars.  With over 38,000 acres of water, over a hundred islands, and 7.5 million annual visitors, this mountain reservoir is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Georgia. So popular, in fact, many decide to never leave.

Of the hundreds of people that live lake side, Linda and Jim are two of the longest residents. They bought their land back in 1974 for a fraction of what it’s worth now. But after 40 years, the property needed a face lift.


Linda and Jim’s house sits high up on a hill overlooking a particularly peaceful inlet.  However, with a few too many trees and a hillside too steep to navigate, they weren’t able enjoy their view or property like they used to. They needed a comfortable environment, like a porch or patio, with a few chairs and a grill to be able to spend more time outdoors.

Once Linda and Jim decided to start making improvements, they began by removing some trees. When they heard about Art of Stone’s work from the tree service they hired, the couple called right away. As soon as Suzanne and Jason had seen the hillside and knew exactly what Linda and Jim wanted, they began working on patio designs.

The biggest obstacle they faced was the 20° slope. Jason decided two retaining walls would be necessary to hold the patio in place. The one above to keep dirt from washing onto the patio and the one below to prevent the whole thing from washing away. He also decided to curve the walls to in an irregular pattern to make the patio more organic. The particular stone he chose is called pink and tan crab orchard stone. Its rich, complementary colors and striking patterns give the patio a memorable look that is definitely one of a kind.


This dangerously steep hillside was transformed into an easy to access overlook of the lake. The perfect place to sit and reflect, or enjoy time with loved ones. The knee wall acts as a barrier, and as extra seating, without disrupting the view. The light color of the stones integrates beautifully with the surrounding woodland, distinct without overshadowing the natural beauty. Overall Art of Stone’s goal is to bring luxury to the outdoors, to enhance the splendor of nature, and this patio is a prime example of our work.


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