Stone Foot Bridge


For those of us who grew up on stories of fairies sleeping in flowers and goblins wearing mushroom hats, we dreamed of a garden bursting with blooms and enough herbs to heal any aliment. Luckily for us, North Georgia has a magical range of native plants and even more that thrive here. However, no fairy tail garden is complete with out a bridge. Where would the trolls live?


Art of Stone Gardening Foot Bridge


To build this stone bridge, a curved wooden form is built and then overlaid with an iron rebar skeleton. The rebar will help the concrete hold it’s shape and make it stronger. After the concrete is poured and dried, the wooden form is removed and the flagstones are installed.

Tall boulders stand sentry, acting as perfectly dramatic columns.

This stone bridge crosses what will soon be a dry creek bed that will direct rain runoff. The perfect kingdom for any troll King or Queen.

We Can Help

If you are in north Georgia and are considering a stone foot bridge, Art of Stone Gardening can help. Please contact us at: Art of Stone Gardening.

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