Featuring Water Features

Fountains are a  beautiful center piece that can be integrated into any garden. They create focal points, seating areas, and conversation starters.  Most fountains can be sorted into two categories; with a pond or with out. Beyond that, fountains come in every shape, material and size you can imagine.

This fountain, with water pouring from spigots, is inspired by Roman architecture but with a modern twist. When Suzanne designed this back yard space, she wanted to create an area that could accommodate a large number of people but also encourage mingling. The round patio mirrors the fountain’s pond and the flag stones encourage people to draw close.

A floating fountain sprays water up directly from the pond. What’s nice about this kind of fountain is that it can be added to just about any existing pond. These home owners wanted something simple but unique, and loved this idea when Suzanne proposed it to them. The wall around the pond blends seamlessly with the rest of the garden, matching the flag stone path. The lip of the wall is wide enough to sit comfortably on, inviting guests to stop and smell the roses.

But pond fountains don’t have to be flashy. This fountain is much more subdued and acts more like a break in shrubbery. The rusted base and old millstone give this house an air of endurance while adding to the colonial aesthetic.

In a pond-less fountain the water is collected below ground. These kind of fountains usually require less water and can take on a more natural shape. The blue of this fountain makes it pop against the green and brown of the surrounding landscape, but the river stones give it a more natural feel.

Stone fountains have become very popular. They can be small or large and have that natural aesthetic that is growing in popularity. And because they are made from natural stone, no two are ever alike.

Both kinds of water features have pros and cons. Ponds require maintenance to keep them clean and keep debris from clogging the pump. A pond that is too big for its fountain can have standing water that can attract mosquitoes.

In pond-less water features, because of the slow pace of the water, algae has the chance to grow. But a little bleach or anti-algae will clear that right up, at least for a while.

Maintenance is a part of any water feature, but with a little care, it can be the highlight of your garden.

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