Driveway Island Redo Refreshes Landscape

This was a fun project! The photo below shows what the landscape looked like before we started. The yard had been neglected, and the shrubs and trees were overgrown.

driveway landscape

The driveway island was the first place we tackled. These poor hollies had been pruned to death and were FULL of wasps. It took us three separate visits and countless cans of wasp spray before we could even start with the transformation.

driveway landscape

A problem with the driveway island was that it had a poorly defined border. Everyone drove over the edges, the dirt and mulch ran into the driveway, and water pooled around it.

landscaping a circular driveway island
This house is still a work in progress, but you can see how adding brightly colored shrubs and flowers and removing some of the large trees opens and lightens up this beautiful home.

driveway island landscape ideas
Jason always makes sure that the rocks get watered!

driveway landscape

We added stone to hold in the dirt and create a strong visual border to help divert vehicles from the edges. The river rock solves the drainage issue and looks great. Plus, the pink Muhly grass in the fall is really spectacular!

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