Curb Appeal – Landscape Makeover with Boulder Wall

The goal of designing a landscape is to enhance the beauty that already exists while also creating a functional space. For example, this boulder wall is absolutely stunning, but it also serves several purposes in this landscape.


Curb Appeal Landscape Makeover with Boulder Gravity Wall

Having a slope above a drive happens more often than not in North Georgia. It’s a beautiful place to plant and ground covers are especially popular on steeper slopes. However having a slope like that will channel water directly onto the driveway when it rains and anything planted too close to the edge will more than likely be run over.

The boulder wall was designed with these problems in mind. The wall was built a foot or so away from the drive way to give drivers a margin for error. The pea gravel also acts as drainage control. Water will seep down into the rocks and into a conveniently placed culvert instead of running over the drive. Without water pouring onto the concrete each time it rains, the driveway will be safer and last longer and not have those ugly red clay marks.


Curb Appeal Driveway Landscape Makeover with Boulder Gravity Wall

The wall also creates a defined garden bed, giving plants a safe place to grow away from stray tires. This also gives the garden a refined look and adds curb appeal. A defined plant bed helps keep mulch in place and can act as a boundary for plants that grow a little too enthusiastically.

The best part about boulder walls is that there can never be two that are identical. Each stone is unique and put together like a puzzle by masons who have an eye for aesthetics. They are easy to tailor to your landscape and can be as large or as small as needed. Recesses can also be added along a wall as seating or as areas for potted plants like on this wall.


Curb Appeal Driveway Landscape Makeover with Stone Gravity Wall

At Art of Stone, we don’t make you choose between beautiful and functional. With a little planning, boulder walls can help sort drainage issues and create flat space while looking fabulous in the process.

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