Creek Crossing

This mountain cabin had it all; the view, the seclusion, the stone fireplace (courtesy of Jason the Mason). But when the owners decided their front yard needed a make over, they figured that the cabin needed a water feature too.

And by water feature, I mean a hundred foot long stream bed. This natural-looking creek cuts right down the center of the front walk-up with several tiny waterfalls giving this brook some extra babble. The stairs leading from the parking area to the house cross the stream via a solid wood bridge. A pump at the end of the creek sends water back up to the top and has a sensor that automatically adds water if it gets low.

The plants chosen to accent the stream are colorful or flowering. The Sunshine Ligustrum are a bright yellow against the mulch and the cat-mint boasts tiny purple flowers. The Japanese Maple and the RedBud tree add pops of red and will grow to provide patches of shade. Irises and daffodils and azaleas are just a few of the plants waiting for spring to come so they can strut their stuff.

All told, this custom creek adds a bit more charm to this already delightful house.

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