Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Stone fireplace on patio

Nothing is cozier than sitting by a fire on a clear winter night; the crackle of the flames, hot coco, snuggled up under blankets with people you love. However, an open, wood burning fireplace on a wood deck takes preparation and maintenance. The homeowners, Vicki and Joe decided on an outdoor gas fireplace instead. Before […]

Using Stone for Landscape Borders and Edging

stone flower edge

An abrupt end of dirt or mulch is usually the only indication of the border of a garden bed. While this may work for some beds, adding a physical barrier has multiple benefits.   Borders can be made of any material imaginable. Popular mediums include metal, wood, plastic, and stone. Stone is the most preferable […]

Stone Mailboxes for Curb Appeal and Anti Vandalism

Architectural mailboxes are mailboxes that are enclosed inside a structure, most often a masonry structure. But are there any benefits to having one or is this a passing trend?   First of all, stone mailboxes are gorgeous. Unlike a boring post that you can buy at a hardware store, they can be built to match […]

Back Door Landing and Stairs Home Remodeling

Wood and stone steps and patio in Gainesville Georgia

The back entrance to a home is often neglected because it isn’t often used. Unfortunately this can be both a safety and a fire hazard. Here, Art of Stone transformed a rundown back porch into a beautiful, easy to maintain patio.   As you can see, this back door is crowded with old junk and […]

Gravel Parking Area and Retaining Wall

Block wall and parking area in Dahlonega

Hardscaping a Retaining Wall on a Hilly Site At Art of Stone Gardening, we take pride in doing landscaping—and hardscaping—the right way. In this story, we show how we improved a home on a hill by building a parking space that will last for many years to come. One of the challenges of living in […]

Front Porch Fail – Home Remodeling

Stone front entrance

Nothing’s more beautiful than a new front porch. And nothing’s worse than a brand new porch that sags because of poor soil compaction. Have you ever filled a hole with dirt and then noticed later that the dirt in the hole is lower than the surrounding ground? That’s soil compaction. If poor soil compaction happens […]

Backyard Landscape Transformation

Stone wall around pool

A backyard landscape makeover starts with a property owner that has lots of local rock. The owner of a Shenandoah Valley farmhouse in Virginia wanted to update landscape elements on his property. Luckily, his neighbor happened to have lots of local lime stone from a dilapidated ice house. Here you can see the pile of […]

Father’s Day Retreat: Stonescaping the Perfect Backyard Man Cave

Outdoor kitchen on lake lanier

Time for a stonescaping man-cave makeover! We had a client—a Dad—who loved to hang out in this lower-level recreation area. With a pool table, a bar, and a scenic view, it was a great place to relax. But he also likes to cook outdoors. With the old set-up, he had no space for that except […]