How to Make a Splash with a Simple Fountain

Teal fountain and grasses

Our client had a lovely, traditional, brick home in Dawsonville, GA.  The home had some interesting architectural features, including unique stone accents across the front façade and elegant copper gutters and downspouts. But those special details were lost in the view from the curb. They receded into the background because there was nothing to draw […]

Landscape Design Process Brings Creative Visions to Life

Initial landscape design concept

If you haven’t worked with a landscape design company before, the design process may seem a little mysterious. Maybe that’s because every project is unique. All kinds of factors—from the size of the job to whether additional professionals or trades need to be brought in—play into what the experience will be like. Adding a flagstone […]

Drainage Solutions Prevent Rain Damage

Block retaining wall in Hiawassee

Maybe you’ve noticed. We’ve had way more than our share of rain so far this year. In fact, according to the weather statistics keepers at NOAA, the Gainesville reporting station had recorded about 42 inches in total rainfall in these first six months of 2020, compared to the normal rainfall amount of around 27 inches […]

Life Is But a Stream. And Stone Steps. And Outdoor Lighting

Hillside Walls Steps and Water

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…Life is but a dream. Well, it was kind of a bad dream at one client’s home until we helped them tame the steep hill that was hindering their hospitality. Hiking is a favorite activity here in the Northeast Georgia mountains. As much as we enjoy it, we usually do stop short […]

Solution Gardening: Solves Problems, Meets Needs, Fulfills Wishes in the Landscape

deer resistant garden

I love a good conference. Attending landscaping and gardening industry conferences keeps me up to date on what’s been happening in the industry while I’ve been busy designing, digging, planting, meeting with clients and running our business all year long. They’re usually held in the winter, during the off-season, so they’re also a good excuse […]

Breaking Bad(ly): Front Steps

Newly replaced brick steps and front stoop

Front steps are often functional necessities in Northeast Georgia, where our homes are tucked into the rolling foothills, mountains and valleys. Beyond that, they can also be key elements in the well-planned landscape.Their design can literally “elevate” a home from ordinary to grand, making it appear larger and more elegant. Or offer a more down-to-earth […]

Making a Grand Entrance

Welcoming stone and paving stone entrance

Sometimes, function follows form. And there are instances in which outright defiance of fundamental architectural principles leads to the most extraordinary of homes. The gracious home of one of our clients in White County, shown below, is a case in point. Here, the front door—actually a set of French doors—is not the focal point of […]

Dentist Adopts Garden Hygiene

In progress landscape work at Gainesville Ga office

My dentist was keeping me in the dark. It wasn’t his dental practice, per se. It was his gardening practices. He had allowed the garden in front of his office to become so unruly and overgrown that the bushes and trees completely blocked the windows—and virtually all the natural light. I offered him a deal:  […]

While We’re At It…

Back yard stone steps, raised stone planters and walkway

It’s not unusual for a client to engage us to help with a particular goal, challenge or space and then expand the scope of the project when it becomes apparent that a related project could make the property more enjoyable or functional. This happened with a client I posted about recently, who initially wanted to […]

Decayed to Decked Out

Stone patio and raised beds

A homeowner and casual gardener called Art of Stone one spring day when she’d finally had it with the old deck off the back of her fabulous Northeast Georgia home. She wasn’t specific about what might go in its place. She just knew she wanted to have a nice place to entertain. And some raised […]