Bramberi Berry Farm

On a recent bright spring day, I visited Bramberi Farm in Lumpkin County, Georgia.  My gracious tour guide was co-owner Ann Seigies.  Bramberi Farm is an organic berry farm owned, developed, and operated by Joern and Ann Seigies since 2014.  Both brought to the adventure extensive education and experience in sustainable agriculture and horticulture.  Ann […]

What’s Happening Camellia?

This is a picture of a Camellia with leaf gall. Camellia leaf gall is a fungal disease caused by excessive moisture and poor air circulation. If you have an existing Camellia that is already diseased it might be caused by all the recent rains. Poor pruning practices and/or not enough sunshine can exacerbate and make […]

Be Picky about Your Mulch

Mulch is an essential part of any landscape. It helps the ground retain moisture and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. Mulch can also help protect your plants from winter freezes, acting as a natural insulation barrier. Where as nature uses fallen leaves and dead plants as mulch, landscapers and homeowners prefer a […]

Veggie Garden to Veggie Table

Raised stone planter vegetable garden

Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of home gardens? Between the shift towards green living, food preppers, and the general concern of healthier living, more and more people are deciding to grow their own food. Having a home vegetable garden saves you money on grocery bills, teaches kids hands-on life lessons, and can give […]

Bee Concerned

Have you hear that the bees are dying? That they are disappearing? That between 2006 and 2013 we lost an estimated 10 million domestic hives just in the US? Bee’s are the most recognized pollinators on the planet. Their entire lives revolve around nectar and pollen. This is especially true for honey bees. But Colony […]

A Warm Welcome for Worms

Most people know that earthworms are a component of healthy soil. As they work their way through the dirt, worms aerate the soil and increase the soil’s ability to hold nutrients. The castings excreted by earthworms are an excellent fertilizer. Worms can also make soil more hospitable to plants by helping sandy soil to retain […]

Plant Organic with Confidence

Great news for people wanting to grow organic plants from seed: it’s easy to find organic seeds. Lots of companies sell them. One list of organic seed suppliers can be found online at the CCOF website (see below). Keep in mind that these seed vendors may also sell non-organic seeds. So, for instance, if you […]

Fresh Landscaping Idea: Grow a Mediterranean Herb Garden

Herb garden

Your garden is a great place for you to grow Mediterranean herbs. Georgia’s climate is a good fit for Mediterranean herbs, like sage, oregano, and thyme. These plants love hot, dry conditions with plenty of sun, so they can thrive in Georgia’s long, hot summers–as long as you plant them in well-drained soils. This post […]