Maintenance Plans

Every garden needs a base line of maintenance to keep the plants healthy and debris free. It can get over whelming trying to keep up with everything your garden needs but Art of Stone Gardening can help. We have a variety of maintenance plans for every garden’s needs. We can help you stay on top […]

Creating Box Turtle Habitat – Backyard Wildlife Gardening

  The common box turtle is not so common these days. Fresh water and safe corridors for wild turtles to travel safely through have grown increasingly scarce. They require loose, non-compacted earth to live and breed in which is becoming harder to find. Another issue they face is that land fragmentation has made it difficult […]

What’s Blooming Now – April

It’s spring and the time when we all get excited about are gardens! Here at Art of Stone Gardening we took walk around the property to see what is in bloom during April. We want to share that with you to help you design your own landscape so you can plant to have something always […]

Small Trees for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens

Trees for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens Carefully considering which trees to plant when designing a garden for butterflies and pollinators is crucial. Simply die to their size, a tree can offer a lot of food at once to wildlife. You can create a pollinator friendly yard and still have an attractive landscape by including the […]

Georgia Butterfly Host Plants – Backyard Habitat

  Georgia Butterfly Host Plants An important factor to consider when planning a butterfly garden is what you will include as host plants for caterpillars to feed from. Butterfly host plants offer a site for the butterfly to lay their eggs which will also be a food source for the caterpillars once the eggs hatch. […]

Shrubs for Butterfly, Bee and Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Food Source Plants for Pollinator and Butterfly Gardens When creating a garden to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, shrubs are an important design element. Shrubs have a larger size than perennials so they offer a larger supply of nectar and pollen. They also provide shelter and permanent branches and twigs for caterpillars to […]

Perennials to Attract Butterflies, Pollinators – Backyard Habitat

Echinecia - Coneflower

Food Source Perennial Plants for Butterflies, Moths and Native Bees With the increase in awareness regarding the decline of native bee populations, many home gardeners are now creating pollinator safe zones in their yard. These safe zones are areas where you don’t use chemicals or pesticide sprays but instead grow a selection of pollinator food […]

Energy Efficient Landscaping

Energy efficient landscaping is the way to go A thoughtfully designed landscape not only beautifies your property, it can also help you save energy. Well-placed plantings can cool your house in summer, warm it in winter, and save water year round. According to the Department of Energy, a landscape designed with conservation in mind saves […]

A Warm Welcome for Worms

Most people know that earthworms are a component of healthy soil. As they work their way through the dirt, worms aerate the soil and increase the soil’s ability to hold nutrients. The castings excreted by earthworms are an excellent fertilizer. Worms can also make soil more hospitable to plants by helping sandy soil to retain […]

Plan to Prune Trees and Shrubs

When early spring arrives, one of the first landscape tasks will be pruning some of your plants. Pruning ornamentals really means “thinning” them: selectively cutting back individual limbs to a side branch or main trunk. What you probably don’t want to do is to “hedge” your plant, or cut all branches to the same length. […]