What’s Blooming Now – July


Summer is in full swing and there is plenty in flower. We took our stroll around the garden to let you know what is in bloom for July. We keep you posted monthly in order to help you plan a multi-season landscape design for your own yard!

Black Eyed Susan – This cheerful North American native is a favorite of pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds which makes it a must have for any sunny garden. Like most native wildflowers, Black Eyed Susan is a tough perennial that can handle a variety of soil types and is drought tolerant. Don’t deadhead these plants but instead leave the seeds! In the fall the goldfinch will visit to feed off the spent flowers.

Coneflower – Another one of our beautiful native wildflowers which will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators to your yard. These days there are many varieties out there but we have found the regular purple coneflower to be the strongest and most reliable. A sun lover. Leave the seeds for the birds in fall!

New England Aster – The asters are beginning to bloom and flowering will continue into fall. This particular early flowering variety is ‘Purple Dome’. We like the darker purple color but there are many to choose from. New England asters are a native plant which is rugged and drought tolerant, making them ideal for Georgia gardens.

Goldeneye – A shrubby native wildflower which has prolific bright yellow flowers on tall, leafless stems. The blooms are daisy-like and butterflies love them! Goldeneye is a hardy grower for sun or light shade and can be the perfect plant for banks or tough areas..

Hydrangea Baby Lace – The Panicle Hydrangeas are kicking into gear. This variety is called ‘Baby Lace’ which opens a bit later, extending your hydrangea blooming season. We mention ‘Baby Lace’ because it is smaller than most and attractive to pollinators and butterflies. Often the Panicle Hydrangeas are sterile and wont attract wildlife to your landscape, so if butterflies and hummingbirds are your thing, look for ‘Baby Lace’. The small size can be handy too if you don’t have a lot of room!

Panicle Hydrangeas – There are a wide assortment of Panicle hydrangeas out there so which is for you is a matter of personal needs. These late summer beauties will make a show stopping statement in your garden design. Most have white flowers which change to a pink then finally a papery tan shade as they age. Shrubs should be cut back in spring.

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