Backyard Woodland Stream Water Feature

When adding a water feature to a garden, there are several options to consider. Small ponds and fountains are the most popular choices, for their compact sizes and simpler set up and maintenance. However, if there is enough room, a stream is the best of both and is easily maintained with a little know how.  A stream is the more natural looking choice over a fountain, but also creates the sound of rushing water that ponds lack. Streams are also easy to customize to any style and blend with almost any garden.

When designing a stream, its best to consider the existing landscape. Would a long meandering stream be best, or a short one that mimics a natural spring? Small pools, waterfalls, and even tiny rapids can be added to the design depending on the landscape. In the picture above, two small waterfalls cascade into a small pond. This water feature makes the best use of the small area and the little pool creates the perfect habitat for lily pads.


Many lush and vibrant plants thrive along creek sides. Ferns, elephant ears, as well as colorful reeds and grasses love living stream side. Ground covers like creeping jenny and succulents that thrive in wet areas will creep into the stream and live quite happily. There are also flowers, like irises, that would gladly brighten up a stream.


So, whether you are adding a water feature to host local wild life, add a focal point to your garden, or simply to enjoy the sound of running water, a stream could be the best choice for you.

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