Backyard Living Space Ideas: Think Like A Designer

Beautiful landscaping begins with attention to basic principles of design. Elements should work in harmony to create a garden space that meets your needs. Interestingly, interior and exterior designers work with the same 3 basic planes. The most important is the base plane, or the floor. Second is the vertical plane, or walls. Last, but not least: the overhead plane, or ceiling. Wondering how all 3 planes—even the overhead plane—work in backyard landscapes? Take a look at how Art of Stone used an arbor to transform a client’s pool area.

We start with a big open space and a patch of concrete that will be hot and uninviting in the middle of the day. Do you really feel like pulling up a chair by this pool?



Here, we have a “floor” and some “walls” to work with, but we need something overhead to make the space more inviting and intimate.


The arbor below creates an outdoor room that’s welcoming and shady in the afternoon sun. This would also make a stunning space for an evening cocktail party. Imagine the arbor with a sprinkling of lights or themed decorations.

See how the arbor relates to the rest of the yard. The arbor works with the vertical element (fence) to the right and brings the large open area down to human proportions.


Here is a view of the arbor from the lower level of the yard.

This is just one example of how you can use the three planes to transform your landscape. For more ideas, check out this article from The Washington Post. When you’re ready to get to work on a big project, contact Art of Stone. We can help make sure the job is done right!

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