Art of Stone Gardening: The Evolution of a Business

His and Her Businesses

The roots of Art of Stone Gardening were planted when Jason started the company in 2001. At that time, It was Art of Stone, Inc.

A native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jason moved to North Georgia in 1996 to chase a girlfriend. He started working for his girlfriend’s father who was a stone mason (he has since passed). After 5 years, Jason decided to go out on his own. Initially, he did fairly standard commercial stonework for new homes. stone veneer outside, fireplaces and interior work, and some retaining walls. He started branching out and constructing walls including this extraordinary 200’ by 20’ block wall.

This reinforced block gravity retaining wall built on a steep Hall County lot, was the type of work Jason was doing before joining forces with Suzanne.

Child of an American Embassy Cultural Officer, Suzanne has lived overseas and all across the United States. She moved to Georgia in 1992 with her former husband. After discovering her passion for plants and landscaping (by working in her Flowery Branch yard), she became a Master Gardener in 2000 (click here for a blog on a fellow Master Gardener.) and then went to Gwinnett Technical College for a degree in horticulture/landscape design. After Suzanne and her husband divorced, she founded Cutting Edge Landscaping in 2002, doing gardens and design work. She created some walls (building some large block walls herself) but quickly realized she needed help.

Mixing It Up

The Rock Yard in Gainesville, a residential and landscape stone supplier, suggested that Suzanne speak with Jason Brosche. She hired him to help with a project in 2004 to build walls for her business. In 2008 when the economy tanked, Suzanne sold the business to a competitor and worked for them for about a year and a half. Jason also built walls for them. After leaving the company, Suzanne started helping Jason at Art of Stone. Suzanne and Jason married in 2011 and decided to join forces to create Art of Stone Gardening when she became a partner.

Over twenty years, Jason and Suzanne have brought their shared talents together to build a custom, customer-centric, creative outdoor space company. Dare we say they are married to their business?

Suanne and Jason work closely together on many projects, which is not without its pitfalls. They are both creative and have diverse ideas, so sometimes they butt heads. In the end though, it is not what they want that matters, it is what the client wants that brings them together to formulate solutions.

Here is the company you know as Art of Stone Gardening. The crew – 4 full time employees and 1 part time – works hard. Jason and Suzanne are proud of their work and their commitment.

Our Anniversary

Art of Stone Gardening’s forte is custom gardens and stonework. We love the creative aspect of our work, being able to craft something unique and tailored for each client. Solving problems also gets us excited – yeah, even drainage problems!

To all of our customers – from three different businesses over twenty years – we say, “Thank you.” Thank you for sharing your vision with us and for trusting us to bring it to life. Art of Stone Gardening is not your run of the mill landscaping/stone company. We are totally different from most companies, specializing in creative, unique designs. The greatest gift we can receive for our anniversary is you. Thank you.

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