Angled Stone Fireplace on Sloped Ceiling

Fire places have been the heart of homes and communities through out human history. They signal a place of safety and warmth, food and family. Even in the modern day, with electricity replacing the need for a hearth, we still keep them in our homes because of what they have always represented.

As the centerpiece of a home, a fire place should  grab attention and stand out from the rest of the house. Marble or granite are the most typical materials to have around a fire place, but for something a bit more unique, consider stacked stone.

Angled Stone Fireplace on Sloped Ceiling

The fire place above was a remodel, replacing the old marble from around the opening and adding stones up to the ceiling. The stone is manufactured, dyed concrete poured into irregular molds to imitate natural stones. Manufactured stone is less expensive, easier to install and much lighter weight than natural stone. Weight is an important consideration especially for a fireplace on a second or third story.

The base of the fire place was also replaced and reshaped. The new flag stone has two levels to create a bit of dimension where as the rounded corners of the lower level keep the shape of the fireplace with out adding anymore strict lines.

The taupe of the room makes the brown of the stone almost seem red, warming the room. The white mantle, left over from the original fireplace, beautifully contrasts the walls and stone, helping to open up the room.

Fireplaces were once only practical, now we gather around them and create memories. Make sure those moments rock.

Angled Stone Fireplace on Sloped Ceiling

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